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Bryon M. Large for AILA Board of Governors
National Day of Action 2014 with my boss, David Kolko
-April 2014
Advocating for Immigration Reform with Santa himself
-Christmas 2013
-Fall 2013
Touring the new Denver Immigration Court with my children
- Fall 2013
Participating in an AILA Audio Seminar
-April 2013
My first DACA filings
-August 2012
National Day of Action
-April 2012
Speaking at a fundraising event for an LGBT-related immigration non-profit
- February 2012 

Asking for your vote...

I am very honored to be nominated again to the AILA Board of Governors. I have worked tirelessly in various positions in my local chapter and nationally to advance the Association's needs and be a voice to my member constituents. I hope to continue my work on the AILA Board of Governors for another term. Giving membership a voice on the BOG, I kindly ask for your vote.

AILA is an amazing volunteer organization. As members, we have the opportunity to participate both locally and nationally in shaping the practice of immigration law. I have been a proud AILA member since I became an attorney in 2007. AILA has taught me leadership, advocacy, and diplomacy skills that have served me well throughout my career. I hope to be able to contribute back to AILA and "pay it forward" for tomorrow's leaders. As AILA members, we have the opportunity to sit on the sidelines and watch change happen, or we can choose to be a part of the future. As a candidate for BOG, I'm choosing to participate in the future. Won't you help me?


I chose to get involved in AILA very early in my career. I was asked to serve as our Chapter's liaison with the Denver Immigration Court. I was humbled by the opportunity, but quickly learned how much influence one member of one chapter could have in overall policy decisions.  

I have also been very involved in the Latin America and Caribbean District Chapter. I served as the Chair of the GLBT Issues Committee for the newly formed chapter in its first year. The following year, I was elected to a position on the Chapter's Board, where I sat for a year.

I currently sit on AILA's LGBT Working Group as the Vice-Chair, where I have been able to witness the nationwide implementation of the Windsor decision, impacting thousands of same-sex couples and recognizing federal immigration benefits for bi-national couples. I am proud to have been a part of the discussion and implementation of this decision within DHS and EOIR.

I have also worked on the Bylaws Committee over the last year, where our committee worked with outside counsel to work on the AILA reincorporation project.

The Discussion Continues...

The discussion and planning for AILA's role and future continues at every BOG meeting. As an elected BOG member, I will be interested in hearing your voice and your thoughts. Won't you join me in the discussion on making AILA the best association it can be for all of us?

If you have comments, thoughts, or concerns, please feel free to contact me!

Join the conversation...

Contact me to discuss AILA's future.  Feel free to email me at